Newark, Delaware -foreclosures

Looking to Purchase?

  Let me start by saying that it is impossible for me to include here everything I have learned in 20 years of selling foreclosures. I will simply touch on some topics to contemplate and leave the details for a future time. The most important point is to consult an agent who thoroughly understands bank-owned houses and everything that will be taking place during the foreclosure buying process. How one approaches the process of making an offer on a foreclosure will be influenced by the home itself. Regardless of the house, there are multiple issues to consider. For example:
* inspections- which ones and when?
* inspections- who to hire?
* Seller/bank addendum- buyer's responsibilities?
* Agreement of Sale contingencies- which ones?
* offer amount- how much to offer?
* down payment- how much?
* financial assistance from Seller- available and how much?
* financing- which program is best?
* municipalities- what is required?
* settlement- who pays what?
* settlement- when and who?

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